The US Ambassador at Bangladesh visits HOPE School

“What I see . . . is a large construction site . . . I see you are building Tagore’s Shonar Bangla . . .!! ”


5th April 2014 has become a big day with a memory of pride and joy for “HOPE worldwide Bangladesh”. Student’s & staffs of Ashulia School of HOPE, along with the members of Executive Committee and the CEO of HOPE worldwide South Asia, Mr. Ian Correa had the honor to host the U.S. Ambassador at Bangladesh Dan W. Mozena at our project site.


Saturday morning, which is usually a weekly holyday, had become one of the most important and busy day. Staffs and all the students were so very excited and thrilled since they came to know about this visit. Our honorable benefactors were also thrilled by the news. Instead of having their regular day off they also joined with us on this special occasion to celebrate with us.


Among the honorable people there were _


Ms. Catherine McCann from George, Regional Sourcing Director for South Asia Region, Mr. Naveed Sattar from Wal-Mart, Senior Sourcing Director and Hub leader for Bangladesh, Senior HR Manager Mr. Manas Baisya from Wal-Mart Bangladesh, Bangladesh In-charge of George Mr. Mahir Sezer, Senior Merchandiser Mr. Kabir Ahmed from George Bangladesh, Ms. Farhana Haque from George Bangladesh, Dr. Syed Naquib Muslim, Former Secretary of Govt. of Bangladesh, Local Chairman from Ashulia Union Parishad and Land Lord of the Project.


Students and the staffs welcomed our guest with honor, joy, colorful ribbons, flowers and smile.After a short multimedia presentation on the activity of HOPE worldwide Bangladesh, His Excellency, Mr. Dan W. Mozena along with the other honorable guests visited the V.T.C. section. His humble approach and simple words were remarkable and students were touched by it as He was sitting on the floor with them.


While everyone were gathered at the hall room before we enjoyed the cultural program, we were empowered by the inspiring speech of our guests . . . Mr. Ian Correa, C.E.O. of HOPE worldwide South Asia stated the core fact about what HOPE worldwide stands for . . . in his humble words he mentioned “There is only two core needs that people urge for . . Love and Respect . . by the opportunity of better education we are trying to provide them the skill to earn them.” Afterwards Mr. Dan W. Mozena came up . . . not on the stage, but he stood among the crowed of common people who gathered in the hall of hope and he said, “What I see is a big construction site . . . I see people are busy in construction work . .  and I see them constructing Tagore’s Shonar Bangla (Golden and wealthy Bangla).”


This line will keep chanting in our mind when we will be facing trails and struggles to accede and advance to hold and to help the hands of the people who lost it all. With full of desire, will go with no fear but with faith to bring hope and change lives as we have not just ourselves but also our friends with us.