School Education

Prevention of School DROP-OUT and QUALITY EDUCATION, especially in rural areas and GIRLS from very needy families, is a big challenge for Bangladesh. About 18.85% of children are not completing primary education (BANBEIS – 2017).


550 children get a total education support each year, and more than 50% are girls.

We are operating 3 (three) HOPE schools in the Savar industrial area. Total numbers of 550 needy and garment worker family students are getting the opportunity to get a school education support free of cost.

Our Approach

“Education Program” is our principal program in Bangladesh that aims to provide formal education to underprivileged children from disadvantaged families. Despite the student transfer issue, our quality education system ensures high-quality outcomes and no dropouts. 


Enabling smooth transition into mainstream primary schools and increasing student retention rates.

Primary Schools

Provide education through trained teachers and quality teaching materials to become a good person.

Secondary School

Provide education through trained teachers, quality teaching materials and interactive digital content to become responsible citizens.

Parents Awareness

Various kinds of Parents awareness is necessary for sustainable student life. 

Day Observations

Observing national and international days develop awareness and patriotism.

Club Activities

Club and Co-curricular activities that help to develop cognitive, social and soft skills.

ICT Education

Students learn ICT education and apply it in the various learning process. 

Sewing Training

Students learn Tailoring as cognitive and soft skill development.

Handicrafts Training

Students learn Handicrafts work as a skill development process.

Study Tour

Students have fun and learning processes throughout the year. 

Midday Meal

Daily nutritious food is necessary for health development that makes the learning process more efficient.

Health Care

Regular health checkups and monitoring make the students healthy that enhance the learning process.

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