Working at HOPE worldwide is not like any other job. It is a platform where you can bring hope and change to people who need it the most.

Our Programs

Based on the core value, the example of Jesus Christ’s ministry of serving the poor and needy. We bring social development solutions to the people of Bangladesh as an initiative of our worldwide effort.


Quality education and training are our principal programs in HOPE worldwide in Bangladesh. Because quality education and training are expansive, it is not on the priority list of a needy family.


We focused on health awareness, treatment and prevention programs. Because of poverty and malnutrition hinder children’s access to education and ability to learn. For girls and women, significant gender equality persists in health, education and income.


Bangladesh is a disaster-prone country and natural disasters undermine poverty reduction efforts. Almost every year during flood and winter seasons, we have participated in Relief & Rehabilitation work.

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We are proud of our history of collaboration. Our valued relationship with the International Churches of Christ dates from our founding and our global network has grown to include countless individuals and organizations who are our valued partners in the fight against poverty.

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