Industrial Sewing

Skilled Ready Made Garments (RMG) machine operators have necessities at different Garments Factories and have appreciated by the employers and the community. We need viable training support for the poor, disadvantaged and youths who never could have such an opportunity to place a job as skilled workers.


Yearly about 300 men and women receive Industrial Training.

Currently, we are operating 3 (three) Industrial Garments Machine Operator Training Centres. All unemployed men and women are trained each year for Garments Operator jobs.

Our Approach

We aim to empower young and underprivileged men and women by providing technical and social skills to improve their employment opportunities, income and upgrade their social status. It also benefits employers with the creation of skilled operators.

Factory Compliance

Our training centres operate with factory compliance. 

Quality Learning

We provide a quality learning experience at low or free of cost.

Neat and Denim

We train Neat & Denim Auto, Two Needle, Overlock, and Flatlock machine operators.

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