Poverty and malnutrition hinder children’s access to education and ability to learn. Prevention of School DROP-OUT and QUALITY EDUCATION, especially in rural areas and GIRLS from very needy families, is a big challenge for Bangladesh. About 18.85% of children are not completing primary education (BANBEIS – 2017)


We feed 550 Children daily

In our 3 (three) HOPE schools, we provide a proper and healthy midday meal daily for students. It ensures better health and the learning process. As a result, it reduces dropouts.

Our Approach

Proper nutrition affects a student’s health and the learning process. So, we have fed midday meals, a unique program in our schools. We have dedicated cooks, kitchens, store rooms and preservation setups. We also ensure a daily basis food quality and Safety security monitoring system.

Kitchen and Store

Each school have a proper store for preservation and a kitchen for cooking. 

Dedicated Cook

Each school have a dedicated cook and helper for cooking of 150 plus students.

Safety Security

Each kitchen follows the fire and infection safety security protocols regular basis.

Daily Food Chart

Students have a daily food chart or food menu weekly basis. We provide Vegetables, egg, chicken and fish curry.

Quality Inspection

To ensure the best quality of food served, we inspect food quality and contamination issues and take necessary steps every day.

Wastage Monitoring

To reduce costs, we regularly monitor student attendance and food purchase, requisition and wastage.

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