Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child @ US$ 380/Year

Or, sponsor a new project. Our standard project has – 


School Children


Vocational Students 



Break down for Major Expanses 

We also receive partial grants for bellow items.

Uniform, Shoe & Socks



1 set Full uniform, Belt, Bag, Shoe & Socks

for 150 School Students

School Supplies



All Books, Note Books, Pen, Pencil, Erase, Printing & Stationary.

House Rent



House Rent of the whole project.

Pay to local land Lord. 

Teacher’s Benifits



For Pre & Primary School, we need

5 Teachers. 

Trainer’s Benifits



For Vocational Trade, we offer 3 Trainers for 3 Trades. 

Midday Meal



Total 150 students and 14 staffs have proper midday meal for 5 Days a week.

How can you participate?


We receive local and Partial donation also. 


As a trainer and teacher you can participate as a volunteer. 

Tell Others

Tell others about us, this will help us for a good cause.