Raised 60 Small & Medium Entrepreneur

In two centres, total 60 members in 4 Groups of women form the Cooperative group. 

Why Cooperative Groups?

Achieving gender equality remains a challenge, as significant differences persist in health, education and income. Many women of the society are a housewife only. They are not directly involved in income generation for the family. It affects the equal role of the women in the family.

Our Approach

Cooperation is necessary because it enables people and groups to work together to achieve a common goal or to derive mutual benefits. Cooperation allows participants to exchange valuable information that helps both sides and increase their knowledge bases and work in a time and resource efficient manner. The goal of our cooperative program is to train and improve the women to become small and medium Entrepreneur and to achieve financial and socio-economic benefits.

Our Cooperative Group’s Specialty

Each group has 15 Members. They have a monthly collection and meeting. They also receive regular training and mentoring. Group gives loan with 12% yearly interest to each other. Group gives their savings surety to each other for the loan guaranty. All the Members of this cooperative must be trained from Handicrafts and Sewing programs of the centre.