270 Women get training each year

In one training centre, total 270 mainly women get training each year and do home-based business. 

Why Handicrafts Course?

Achieving gender equality remains a challenge, as significant differences persist in health, education and income. Many women of the society are a housewife only. They are not directly involved in income generation for the family. It affects the equal role of the women in the family.

Our Approach

As a result of these programs, women are getting empowered in the family and the society. They are now able to make different kinds of handicrafts for sale which add some money to her work. Thus they become a small entrepreneur. Currently, the course is free but students need to arrange the teaching materials. We have three training modules of 80 hours or 40 classes. At present, we are offering the following training modules: 

Handicrafts Course 1

Bag, Block & Batik

Handicrafts Course 2

Food Processing, Jewelry & Show Piece

Handicrafts Course 3

Candle, Chalk, Door Mat, Flower & Beaded Fruit.