Industrial Sewing

180 People get training each year

In two training centre, total 180 unemployed men and women get training each year and get a job in Garments Factory as a skilled worker.

Why Industrial Sewing Operator Training?

Skilled Ready Made Garments (RMG) machine operators are now required at different Garments and Sweater Factories. The skill development training program has been well appreciated by the employers of the RMG sector as well as the community people. We need a viable training support to the poor, disadvantaged adolescents and youths who never could have such an opportunity to place the job in RMG factories as a skilled worker. 

Our Approach

We aim to empower especially the young and underprivileged women by providing technical and social skills to improve their employment opportunity, income and upgrade social status. It also benefits employers through an improved performance by the creation of skilled operators for the RMG sector. Our training centre provides teaching materials, qualified trainers, generator service for power backup. For poor and needy students, we give a variant discount. Currently, we have a 120 hours Industrial Sewing Operator training available:

Industrial Sewing Operator

Basic, Operation, Production and Job Related Training.