Midday Meal

550 Children are feed daily

Five days a week, a proper healthy midday meal is served.

Why Midday Meal?

According to UNICEF, Bangladesh faces high poverty and undernutrition rates (31.5% in 2010), which are exacerbated by frequent natural disasters and high population density. 26 million people living below the poverty line and high levels of inequality persist. 37 million people a quarter of the population is food insecure. The rates of acute and chronic malnutrition are 41% (7.8 million) of 16 million children under the age of five are unable to develop to their full physical and mental potential, effects that last for a lifetime. Poverty and malnutrition hinder children’s access to education and ability to learn.

Our Approach

Proper nutrition affects a student’s health and the learning process. Because of that, we have implemented a daily midday meal program. It is a unique program in our schools. We have trained cook, kitchen, store room, preservation & cooking system and food quality monitoring system. We follow a daily food chart which is mention below.

Sunday & Tuesday

Vegetable & Dal


Chicken Curry


Fish Curry


Egg Curry