550 Children get an education

Currently, we are working with 550 students in 3 schools in Bangladesh. 

Since the beginning, this number is growing every year. 

Why Education?

The major problem of Education in Bangladesh is the terms of school completion, particularly for girls from extremely poor families. One in every five children (18.85%) is not able to complete the full five-year cycle of primary education (BANBEIS – 2017). Quality of education especially in the rural area is another big challenge for Bangladesh. 

Our Approach

“Education Program” is our principal programs in Bangladesh that aim to provide formal education to the underprivileged children from the disadvantaged families. There are currently around 550 students studying in three schools in Bangladesh.

Quality Education System

English language is one of the most important factors to get a decent job in the competitive job market and to access global opportunities. Our syllabus is base on the international and national curriculum. School’s academic year has two terms and has a pre-primary, primary and high school education system. Besides formal education, we also give importance to co-curriculum exercises. Such as Sports, Science, Language and Cultural activities.

Education Committee

Our Education Committee is researching and developing a continuous work for a curriculum which is learner-centric, interactive and a need-based program. Thus the whole system is divided into textbooks based learning and co-curriculum learning based on our designed hybrid curriculum.

Teacher’s Training

We recruit qualified teachers to assure best quality teaching. We develop our teachers regularly by training and facilitating them that ensures better learning and development of the children. We do it by conducting training sessions both in-house and external training.